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Youth Visioning Team

This team creates a vision for what the youth program will look like through creating a vision for the youth program.  Some examples would be service, relational building, word study, etc. The team plans how the vision will be implemented through youth group, curriculum, service projects, retreats, outings, etc. And then we will put the vision into action by recruiting volunteers/leaders.


Visioning Team Mission Statement

"To have a connected, consistent, not scary, youth ministry that attests to the value of church and youth group through engaging, exciting activities by which help guide youth (and adults) to understand Christ & that He is always present with us".

Youth Group Events

High School Youth Group High School Youth Group meets every
Sunday, from 9:30-10:30am in L07 with some amazing volunteer leaders, comfy couches, a TV, and Wii!

Elementary youth, join us for G.R.A.C.E. Place every Sunday at 9:30.
Pre-k & Kindergarten class will meet in E09.
2 - 3 year olds will meet in E08.
1-2nd grade will meet in L08/9.
3-6th grade will in L02-3.

Rent – A – Kid Fundraising Program

You can rent at least 2 kids (we ask they be rented in pairs) to do work around your home. Maybe leaf raking, babysitting, painting, garage cleaning, help putting up Christmas decorations.
You’re invited to contact Kelsey, to rent-akid (or 2) for a project! The youth need to do $200 in rent-a-kid projects by June 1, 2017. The price for renting is ultimately up to you but we estimate about $50 per kid for a 2 hour project.

High School Mission Trip Fundraising

In the Narthex are numbered envelopes 1-30. We ask that you take an envelope & donate the amount of money that correlates with the number on the front; then put the envelope in the offering plate. Cash & checks accepted. For checks, we ask that you write it to Grace Lutheran Church and in the memo write High School Mission Trip. Thank you for your support!

If you are a parent and are interested in helping lead a youth group, please contact Kelsey.

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