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 About Prayer

All of March this year (2018) we are in the Lenten season. We at Grace have our Lenten Devotional Books Healing & Wholeness in Christ for us to discipline ourselves into spending time with God in prayer. Another way to concentrate with prayer I found in by Sybil Macbeth. These are the words from her site:

Using a calendar template is one of my favorite ways to keep a daily discipline during Lent. The discipline can take 3 minutes or 30. What matters is the daily regimen of participation & presence. Each day I choose a word to ponder or a person to pray for. I write the word or name in the allotted space & draw or doodle around it. If words come to me as I draw I pray them. If not, I stay quiet. Returning to the calendar each day helps me to create a hallowed place where I can be present to God & listen. Each mark or stroke of color is a small movement prayer. It is a one day at a time, visual & kinesthetic way to have a Lenten practice. The accumulation of words or peoples’ names is a visual tapestry of my mini spiritual journey through the forty-plus days of Lent.

Here are some ways to use the calendars:
1) Pray for a person each day of Lent.
2) Use a daily book of Lenten meditations. Read the mediation for the day and select a word that jumps out at you. Meditate on the word as you draw and color around it. Let it enter your heart and mind. Ask God what you need to hear from the word.
3) Follow a daily lectionary and choose a word from one of the Scripture readings.
4) Read the same Psalm each day and choose a daily word. Psalm 51, for example, is a penitential Psalm with lots of juicy (sometimes depressing) words in it.
5) Read a different Psalm each day and choose a word.
6) Use nouns or adjectives that describe the nature and character of Jesus: savior, redeemer, healer, radical, obedient, forgiving,…
7) Since Lent is a time for reflection and self-examination, scatter your confessions, character defects, regrets, worries, dreams, sorrows, and hopes around the Cross template one day at a time.
8) The Tears template provides space above the line at the top to mark the arrival of Easter. Write the word Easter and/or use words or a drawing/doodle in the space to reflect the mood of the passage from Revelation 21:4 (NRSV) “He will wipe every tear from their eyes. Death will be no more.”
I will have some of these calendars in the back of the church which can be used or go to the website and print the ones that you like. You can make as elaborate or as simple as you care to.

Prayer Vigil this month: Saturday, March 3, 2018 10AM-4PM Grace’s Sanctuary, Come in the front door!
Sue Perry / Prayer Coordinator

 This Months Prayer Focus

1. Our Jewish friends celebrating Purim
2. World Day of Prayer
3. Our country/ National Anthem Day
4. GIs/Hug a GI Day
5. Meaningful Worship
6. Grace’s Dentists/Dentist’s Day
7. Work/Middle of the work week
8. Federal employees / National Recognition Week
9. Farmers/Farmer Day
10. Those suffering with AIDS/HIV/Awareness Day
11. Apples/Johnny Appleseed Day
12. Girl Scouts / Founded 1912
13. Grace’s musicians / Music in Our Schools Month
14. Good food/Popcorn Lover’s Day
15. Butterflies/ Learn About Butterflies Day
16. Social workers. / Professional Social Work Month
17. The Irish. / St. Patrick’s Day
18. Farming/National Agriculture Day
19. Scientists. / Science Month
20. The earth/International Earth Day
21. The Seasons/Spring Equinox
22. Singers/ National Sing Out Day
23. Workers/National Goof Off Day
24. Treats/National Chocolate Covered Raisin Day
25. Trees/ Pecan Day
26. Those with Rosacea /Awareness Month
27. Joes/National Joes’s Day
28. People suffering from Hemophilia. / Hemophilia Month
29. Grace’s Doctors / Doctor’s Day
30. The Caring Crafters / Craft Month
31. Vietnam veterans. / The first combat troops ordered into Vietnam in 1965

Prayer Vigils:
First Saturday of every month from 10AM-4PM in Grace’s sanctuary.
The front door will be open.