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 About Prayer

Summertime is a time for many things:
 for catching up with chores, for vacations, visiting far away family, for weddings, and showers, bike riding, walks, swimming, etc…

When do you have time for prayer??
Prayer shouldn’t be pigeoned-holed into a specific time, or day or place. It, this conversation with God, is an ongoing, all the time activity. “Pray without ceasing!” 1Thessalonoians 5: 16-18

Every moment of the day should be filled in prayer:
 Thanking God when we receive things, when we view beauty in nature, when we are enjoying good health.
 All decisions should be discussed with God, all desires also. Perhaps it’s not a good time for something we think we need right now. Discuss it with God.
 Start your morning with coffee, tea, and a few words with God. Listen as he helps you plan your day. Does a neighbor call and need your help? Are you reading about some activity in the paper? Does God want you to participate?
Keep your eyes and ears open. God is all around, and in your heart. Feel Him and experience Him. Have a wonderful summer!

One Prayer Vigil in the Summer: July 1st, from 10AM-4PM. There will be no Prayer Vigil in August!

One Prayer Vigil in the Summer: July 1st, from 10AM-4PM. Please come in the front door! There will be no Prayer Vigil in August!

Sue Perry, Prayer Co-ordinator

 This Months Prayer Focus

The daily prayer focus for July and August can be found in our newsletter.

Prayer Vigils:
First Saturday of every month from 10AM-4PM in Grace’s sanctuary.
The front door will be open.