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 About Prayer

In honor of the 500th Anniversary of the Reformation, here is the prayer Martin Luther penned on April 15, 1521; the night that he was given to think over whether he would recant & renounce his views regarding his writings and attacks on the Roman Catholic Church’s doctrines, particularly the doctrine of salvation. When you read Luther’s prayer in light of what he faced (death), you see his boldness in praying. It was a call back to the authority of the Word of God.

“Almighty, eternal God, what a contemptible thing this world is! Yet how it causes men to gape and stare at it! How small and slight is the trust of men in God. How frail and sensitive is the flesh of men, and the devil so powerful and active through his apostles and the ‘wise’ of the world! How soon men become disheartened and hurry on, running the common cause, the broad way to hell, where the godless belong! Their gazes fixed on what is splendid and powerful, great, and mighty! If I too were to turn my eyes to such things, I would be undone! The verdict would already have been passed against me, and the bell that is to toll my doom would already have been cast.

O God, O God, O Thou my God, my God, help me against the reason and wisdom of all the world! Do this! Thou must do it, Thou alone, for this cause is not mine, but Thine! For myself, I have no business here with these great lords of the world! Indeed, I too desire to enjoy days of peace and quiet and to be undisturbed. But Thine, O Lord, is this cause, and it is righteous and of eternal importance! Stand by me, Thou faithful eternal God. I rely on no man! Futile and vain is all; lame and halting all that is carnal and smacks of the flesh. God, O God, dost Thou not hear me, my God? Art Thou dead? Nay, Thou canst not die! Thou art merely hiding Thyself. Hast Thou chosen me for this task? I ask Thee! I am sure Thou hast. Were so, let it be, then. Thy will be done. For never in my life did I intend to oppose such great lords. Never had I resolved to do this! O God, stand by me in the Name of Thy dear Son, Jesus Christ, Who shall be my protector and defender, yea, my mighty fortress, through the might and the strengthening of Thy Holy Spirit. Lord, where tarriest Thou? O Thou my God, where art Thou? Come, O come! I am ready to lay down my life for this cause, meek as a lamb, for the cause is righteous and it is Thine. I will not separate myself from Thee forever. Be that decision made, in Thy Name!

The world must leave my conscience unconquered even though it were full of devils and though my body, the work and creation of Thy hands, should be utterly ruined! But Thy Word and Spirit are a good compensation to me, and after all, only the body is concerned. The soul is Thine, and belongs to Thee, and willingly it will remain eternally. Amen. God help me. Amen.”

Prayer Vigil is Sat., Oct. 7th, in the Sanctuary, 10AM - 4PM. Come in the front doors.

Sue Perry, Prayer Co-ordinator

 This Months Prayer Focus

1: Older Lutherans (International Day of Older Persons)
2: People of German ancestry (German American Heritage Month)
3: God’s creation (US National Apple Month)
4: Animals (World Animal Days
5: Teachers (World Teacher’s Day)
6: Good health for all of our children (National Child Health Day)
7: Smiles (World Smile Day)
8: Pastor Krais (Clergy Appreciation Day)
9: Brave, adventuresome people (Columbus Day)
10: Newspaper carriers (National News Carrier Month)
11: Special People (It’s My Party Day)
12: Farmers (Old Farmer’s Day)
13: Our Brains (National Train Your Brain Day)
14: People with aids (Aids awareness month)
15: Parents (National Take Your Parents to Lunch Day)
16: Bosses (Bosses Day)
17: The Poor (International Day for the Eradication of Poverty
18: Readers (Reading Week)
19: Evaluate Your Life Day
20: Those suffering from alcoholism (Alcohol Awareness Week)
21: Inventors ((Thomas Edison invents light bulb)
22: Neighbors (Make A Difference Day)
23: Mothers –in-law (Day)
24: United Nation’s Day
25: Beauty of changing leaves
26: Peace, friendship, and goodwill (P., F., and G. Week)
27: Peaceful Autumn Day (Cranky Co-Workers Day)
28: Garment workers (Eli Whitney invents cotton gin in 1793)
29: Pennsylvania (William Penn lands in Chester, PA 1682)
30: Eating healthy (Vegetarian Month and Candy Corn Day!)
31. Lutherans (Reformation Day)

Prayer Vigils:
First Saturday of every month from 10AM-4PM in Grace’s sanctuary.
The front door will be open.