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Growing Together Through God's Grace

Pastors Points
by Pastor Krais

So, by now, you’ve seen Grace’s Blessing Tree in the narthex of the church. (If you haven’t, then please join us in worship soon!) This tree has been sprouting leaves each week as people continue to write their blessings onto “leaves” and attach them to the tree. I’m finding myself blessed by the reminders this tree gives me of how very good God is in each of our lives. Each little leaf is another person’s personal testimony to God’s abundance.
The Blessing Tree ministry was inspired by the Mission Assessment Profile (MAP survey) that many of you completed. (Thank you!) One of the priorities identified on the MAP was to help members recognize God at work in our lives and the world. This tree is more than a chance to name things that make us happy; it gives us a way notice how wonderfully busy God is, and then, to respond in some way that lives out our mission. How will you respond to the profusion of blessings received by the people of Grace? In what ways will your life show to others how very blessed you are?

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