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Pastors Points
by Pastor Krais

Our first Sunday in June is the wildly wonderful Day of Pentecost! This is the day when we celebrate the disciples being filled with the Holy Spirit, resulting in the birthday of the Church! The account of Pentecost in the Book of Acts is filled with great images - a sound of a mighty wind coming from heaven and something that looked like flames resting on the disciples’ heads. The disciples were given the gift of being able to speak in foreign languages, so that all could hear God’s good news for the world! Luke records about 3000 people became believers that remarkable day.

This truly is a great day to celebrate and to give thanks for the gift of the Holy Spirit who continues to do wildly wonderful things in our lives today. Take a moment to count your many blessings. Did you name the gift of the Holy Spirit among them? Take another moment to consider the effect the Spirit has had and will continue to have on your life. God has blessed each of us with the Spirit’s protection and guidance, with talents that help us to know and glorify God through the Spirit’s work in us, and with faith that the Spirit enlivens and encourages each day. Thank you God, for the gift of your Holy Spirit!

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