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My earliest Christmas memory was around the age of four. I remember being fascinated by the tree lights glowing in the metal reflectors (remember those?), mesmerized by the music box manger that played “Silent Night” as the wise men glided past the baby Jesus, and amazed that overnight, the tree became surrounded by brightly wrapped gifts. Honestly, this was before I had developed any kind of gift expectations, so there was no anticipation for a specific present or disappointment that I didn’t receive that “one thing” I really wanted. But as I got a little older, I learned to think of Christmas primarily as that great time of year when my own greedy desires were entertained.
At the age of four, (before I had learned “I want!”) Christmas wonder felt magical. Now, I think of it as faithful. As adults, we can choose where to place our Christmas focus- it can be on stressed-out preparations and excessive gifts, or on faith. In those times when I choose sharing love and celebrating Christ’s birth over frenzied shopping and frantic preparations, I find myself feeling childlike wonder once again. Wonder at a God who would humbly become one of us….wonder at a Savior who would step into our world as a vulnerable baby… wonder at a love so big, that I can’t even begin to grasp it. May your Christmas be filled with faithful wonder at God’s divine love.

Peace, Pastor Krais

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