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Grace Evangelical

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Growing Together Through God's Grace

Pastors Points

 Growing Together through God’s Grace to share the love of Christ with all people… (In case you’ve forgotten… this is Grace’s mission statement.) It was a very wise group of people who discerned this as our mission, long before I was called to Grace. After several visioning processes, this still holds as the statement that best summarizes what Jesus Christ has called us to do.
Yesterday, after the congregation voted to call me to the role of Lead Pastor, I felt a bit overwhelmed by how good God has been in this place. We have much to be thankful for… a mission that stands the test of time as we live the good news in our community… a congregation that is working hard to BE the body of Christ … a leadership team of council, staff, and other lay leaders who are boldly learning new ways to be the church and embracing new ideas for the sake of the gospel. In addition to these, I am personally thankful for the encouragement of this congregation- you inspire me and bring joy to serving the church, and I am so very thankful for my husband John, who is a daily (sometimes hourly!) blessing through his love and support. I look forward to continuing to serve at Grace alongside such faithful people!

Peace, Pastor Krais

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