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Graceful Greetings Newsletter

Faithful families

This summer, D.I.G. (Delighting In God) Cafe will start July 23rd and run through August 20th from 9:15-10:15am. Adults will be in the welcome center watching video's on the Reformation (a continuation from the Lenten videos) with discussion afterwards. Elementary through high school will do a movie Bible study on the Fantastic Beasts (a prequel to the Harry Potter Bible studies in the fall). Ages 2 & up will have a lesson and craft each Sunday; then Aug. 20th, will take their crafts to Park House, to share the love of God with the residents there! Because of these awesome summer opportunities, faithful families will take a short break starting June 11th and will resume Sept. 3rd.

Cash 4 Causes Program

Do you buy your groceries at Giant? Can you believe that shopping at Giant could also help Grace's Christian education program? It can with the Cash 4 Causes Program!

You can order gift cards from Giant, any denomination you need by using the orange & red cash 4 causes envelopes found in the pews. Write your check or put in your cash, fill out the front of the envelope and then put it in the offering plate! The gift cards will be ordered the last Sunday of the month and can be picked up at church (or the office) the first Sunday of the next month. The Christian education program gets 5% discount on the cards; that 5% goes to the education program.

Stay “in the know” wherever you go!
We’re all over social media!! Here’s how to find us at Grace:

Youth website:
Facebook search: Grace Evangelical Lutheran Church
Instagram search: grace.lutheran.royersford
Twitter search: @gracelutheran12

Grace Membership Directory

We are excited to announce that Grace Lutheran Church now has an online membership directory, where you can access & update all of your own information and access information for other members. Only members of Grace Lutheran Church will have access to the directory. Once a member logs into our secure sight, it provides a directory of all members.

Here are the directions for the online directory first access:
1. Go To
2. Click on “Online Church Directory”
3. Click on “Click here” under forgot password
4. Enter your email address and click on “Email Me My Password” If you get an error that says invalid e-mail address, please contact Phyllis Conroy at,  provide your e-mail address and she will verify it is in the system. Once that is done repeat steps 1-3, then skip to step 5.

5. Once you have received your password go to the online directory link from the church website again and log in with your e-mail and password that was sent to you and click on “Logon”

6. Once you have logged on click on “Your Profile” and complete all of your information and upload a photo.

7. For more info on how to use the system & upload a photo go here: Directory Tutorial and watch the video.

Come have breakfast with the King!

Faith First: It’s not healthy to skip breakfast or time with God, so….Join us on Wednesday mornings to do both! This group meets at The Main Street Café at 7am and enjoys discussion around a devotion (and life!) Start your new year with a new faith habit!

Adult Sunday School Classes

Sunday AM Adult Faith Formation Ready to stretch your faith? You have 3 great options to learn and grow. All groups begin at 9:30 am.

PRISM: Topics chosen by class members. Led by Mr.
Richard Harshaw (choir room, lower level of church, room 4)

People of the Bible: Learn about our “old favorites” and some lesser
known people! Led by Dr. Judy Stryker (room 6, lower level of

Spirit Café: Join Pastor Krais in the Welcome Center to relax, listen,
share & grow in faith! Upcoming topics:
10/2: Grow Up!
10/9: Ecclesia (join us to find out what it means!)
10/16: United we Stand & 10/30: Saved by Grace

Holy Grounds

Whether the bible feels like a huge mystery or a welcome, comforting friend, come join the Thursday morning bible study to grow in your ability to read and understand scripture. We’ll be starting new in
Genesis and read scripture together to learn about the historical background, the subtle nuances & the meaning for today.
Join us on Thursdays at 9:30 in the parlor (lower level of church –rm. 5)

Don’t forget to eat at the Main Street Café, on Sunday, after church and show them your Grace Lutheran bulletin.
They’ll give to us 10% of your bill! We’ve already received over $50 from this yummy fundraising opportunity! We thank you and the Main Street Café for this great way to grow our ministries here at Grace. Stop in on Sunday and don’t forget to tell them Grace sent you!

Grace Lutheran is a Stephen Ministry congregation!

Do You Know Someone Going through a Difficult Time?

Do you have a friend, neighbor, co-worker, or relative who has been struggling with the loss of a loved one, loneliness, cancer, a layoff, relocation, divorce, a spiritual crisis, recuperation, single parenthood, or any of countless other life challenges? Our Stephen Ministers can provide them with the focused care, encouragement, and support they need to make it through the crisis. If you know of someone who is hurting, talk with one of our Stephen Leaders: [Judy Lukens & Denise Starr]. They can talk with you about how we can connect the person you know with one of our Stephen Ministers. It’s a great way for you to show how much you care!

Important Parking Note:

Please be courteous and DO NOT PARK in front of the handicap sidewalk cut out outside the Welcome Center. If you park there, people who need to access the ramp can’t get to it.

Church facilities are available for rent for showers, birthdays, etc. Please call the church office 610-948-3684, for more information.

For even more events and ministry information please view our Monthly News Letter

Graceful Greetings Newsletter